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Sitting on Cliff
"It was a Friday, no Monday night when we had our last rendezvous. Ah yes, I remember it well” — Gigi.

I was born and raised in Toronto. I decided I wanted to make an album when I was 8, but as a DJ. A few years later I met a boy who wrote poetry, and my mother owned a guitar so we stole that kid's lyrics, then my mom and I started a band together. Ok, that last part was a lie. The boy and I wrote songs together for a few years, and people even had some nice things to say about our band, but it didn’t last. I went on my own, but my mental health issues got worse. I went from fronting my own band, to playing guitar in someone else’s band, to not touching a guitar for many years. After a lot of work I am finally back to a point where I remember who I am, so I made this album.  

Look for my follow-up album, “A Very Special Christmas Wish 2: Even More Precious Wishes.”


Illustrated Family

such great buzzes

Based in Northumberland County, Ontario - Such Great Buzzes, a lyrics forward alt-folk trio.



Chris Thorogood's
Playlist Vol. 01

A collection of essential tracks that influence my music.
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